A platform for developing
innovative consulting solutions

The value of businesses is increasingly intangible and complex, calling for better connectivity between its various components

Collaborative People facilitates an ecosystem of dozens of independent experts and consulting firms, specialized in fields related to the valuation and optimization of corporate intangible assets (intellectual capital, client capital, social capital etc…). Our approach consists of proactively building multi-disciplinary consortia and particularly enables to:

  • promote a more comprehensive and integrated management of intangible assets by better connecting departments, disciplines, data, KPIs… and consulting firms that work on these assets;
  • maximize chances of identifying the right persons, in a context where client demand is growing for sharp and scarce expertise;
  • improve the understanding of linkages between financial and non-financial performance, and apply that knowledge by delivering operational change.

While it is impossible to gather all imaginable knowledge, we strive to build an ecosystem that is as sharp, dynamic, versatile, engaging, friendly, interesting, flexible, innovative… and collaborative as possible.

The core and contours of Collaborative People are in constant motion. The diagram below represents examples of intangible assets covered and assignments delivered by our network’s contributors.  Potential synergies are innumerable: they emerge as client needs are expressed, through teams of 2-3-4 subject matter experts each offering part of the solution, and building tailor-made solutions in an agile manner.

Diagram assignments ENG

Diagram assignments ENG