A free and connected
consulting firm

Collaborative People does not confront “traditional” business models with “liberated” or “independent” models, but leverages the fact that different models complete each other. “Traditional” consulting firms have taught us everything and developed our entrepreneurial mindset. We actually do not feel liberated from anything, but rather connected to everything.

Our values and working methods are inspired by the variety of companies with which we have worked, without this preventing us from collaborating with partner consultants or clients who do not share all of our principles (debate is healthy, consensus rarely is).

Operating principles
The client is interested in persons ...
Motion and self-empowerment ...
« He who plays for himself for the opponent ...
The solution is most probably held by someone else

Operating model

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Bouton The Client is interested in persons

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Image ...leurs connaissances, leurs vécus


Bouton Motion and self-empowerment...

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Image ...les bases de l'échange


Bouton He who plays for himself plays...

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Image ... celui qui joue pour les autres


Bouton The solution is most probably held by....

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Image ... la valeur d'un prestataire