Credentials and special thanks

Feedback from three of our clients : "I just read your conclusions. The results are extremely far-reaching and interesting." "I am favorably impressed by the density and relevance of the analysis." "Objective achieved. I have particularly appreciated the synergies between the different members of your consortium."


Thanks to our business associates

100% of our assignments are collaborative, and we thank ImFusio, Côté Clients, Cityzens Factory, EY, CMI, Stratys, Inno TSD, and Passagers des Villes with whom we have already worked on cross-disciplinary assignments. We also thank all the other firms with which we have reflected on innovative solutions, and hope that the opportunity will come to take them to our clients.


Thanks to the clients trusting us

Collaborative People has 10 credentials one semester after its creation. In line with the background of our founder, our first credentials are within two fields :

  1. Studies on local socio-economic dynamics, where we combine a range of expertise including socio-economic impact assessment, stakeholder consultation, social entrepreneurship, prospective analysis, and urban management.
  2. Elaboration of non-financial KPIs, where we work with experts in managerial transformation and CSR reporting.

We have delivered studies on local socio-economic dynamics to improve the dialogue between companies and public authorities for :

  • an automotive equipment manufacturer as part of a restructuring,
  • a State department as part of the evaluation of the “socio-economic return on public investment” in the digital industry,
  • a real estate manager as part of a study on the opportunity of building a shopping mall,
  • a leader in local tourism as part of the public debate on the construction of a leisure center,
  • a port operator as part of its concession renewal.

We have delivered assignments on the elaboration of non-financial KPIs for :

  • a hotel group in order to measure the non-financial value (and its links to financial performance) created by a managerial transformation and employee well-being program,
  • a real estate developer in order to elaborate a protocol for evaluating the innovative schemes proposed as part of Ecodistrict calls for projects.

We also deliver a variety of assignments (e.g. market studies, PMO…) as multi-skilled management consultants, particularly to complete our partners’ teams during peak periods.

We hope to extend the scope and the variety of our assignments as other entrepreneurs join us!